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Cox Technic Spinal Mobilisation and Decompression

Progressive Chiropractic Berwick is proud to provide the Cox Technic treatment for our patients. This treatment is revolutionary and can provide an alternative treatment option for many musculoskeletal issues.

Cox Technic Spinal Mobilisation and Decompression

The only certified Cox Technic chiropractor in the City of Casey

Progressive Chiropractic Berwick is proud to be the only clinic in the city of Casey, and one of only a handful of clinics in Victoria to provide Cox Technic, a modern, proven and efficacious treatment option for patients suffering from spinal conditions including but not limited to back pain, sciatica, stenosis and failed back surgery syndrome.

Dr Leigh Day (centre right) and Dr Jim Cox (right) at the Cox Technic conference in the USA

Named after its founder Dr Jim Cox, the Cox Technic is an extensively researched and documented, evidence-based treatment for spinal pain. It is a gentle, non-surgical technique performed on a specially engineered table that moves in spinal ranges of motion.

For many, Cox Technic can be a reprieve from dependency on pain relief medication and offers an alternative treatment technique for patients who prefer not to have spinal manipulation performed.

Seeing the benefits that Cox Technic could provide his patients, principal chiropractor Dr Leigh Day underwent intensive training in the USA to become a certified Cox Technic provider and continues to maintain the highest standard of care following the latest protocols published by the Cox Foundation.

How does it work?

Treatment using Cox Technic is conducted by patients lying on the Cox 8 table, with specific forces then applied to the spine in the areas of concern to achieve spinal decompression, and spinal joint mobilisations. It is very comfortable, has no impact and can be an alternative to other chiropractic treatment options. Random controlled trials have been shown to:

  • reduce pressure within the intervertebral disc
  • reduce pressure on the spinal nerves by increasing the disc height
  • increase the spinal nerve canal space by up to 30% thereby reducing pressure on the spinal nerves
  • increase motion in the spinal joints

What conditions may it help?

Cox Technic has been shown to be effective in the management of:

Spinal Stenosis
Facet Syndrome
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

About the Cox 8 table with force plates

The Cox 8 Instrument is a highly engineered table designed to allow for gentle stretching (decompression) of the spine to all regions. Our table is also the only one in Australia and outside of America to contain sophisticated internal sensors that provide precise visual feedback on pressure applied to the spinal segments. This is so we can monitor and specifically apply the most accurate pressure to the spinal segments.

Healing times with Cox Technic

Since pain is a personal experience, the time it takes for you to find relief may vary and be unique to you. However, published clinical outcomes can provide a general idea of what you can expect.

General Healing Time

  • Bones heal quickly if they have a steady blood supply: 5-6 weeks
  • Ligaments and tendons take a bit longer: 6-8 weeks
  • Discs and cartilage take the longest: 3 months or more

If you have multiple injuries, it may take longer to recover. Additionally, certain habits or health-related factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, or prior surgical procedures, may increase your healing time.

Disc Healing Time

To resume your daily activities such as prolonged sitting, bending, lifting, and twisting, it is important to allow at least three months for a disc to fully heal. This healing process is similar to that of a broken arm, which may stop causing pain after a few days in a cast, but still requires several weeks for complete healing. Although your back may stop hurting early on in the treatment plan, it is essential to give your disc ample time to heal before engaging in more strenuous activities including avoiding excessive bending, lifting, and twisting, and limiting extended periods of sitting.

Your Expected Healing Time

“Control, not cure”

The Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols follow the principle of “Control, Not Cure” in managing spine pain conditions. The root cause of pain often persists and cannot be completely cured. For example, disc degeneration, spinal osteoarthritis and scoliosis may remain a lifelong condition. Therefore, Cox Technic chiropractic techniques focus on enhancing your understanding of your pain condition and its triggers to minimize pain episodes and manage the condition effectively.

Clinical Data Outcomes

Cox Technic protocols are published standards as they guided the collection of data from 30 chiropractic clinics regarding 1,000 low back pain patient cases, the first and largest collection of its kind in chiropractic. Two-hundred ninety-three (293) different variables were gathered from and/or about each patient regarding the patient and his/her condition, history, care, and outcomes. This case study uncovered the number of days to maximum improvement (100% relief of pain, 3 months of care, or return to pre-injury state) and the number of visits to maximum improvement.

  • The mean number of days is 29.
  • The number of visits is 12.

However, some conditions do need more days and chiropractic visits. When conditions are taken into account, the results vary. Examples:

L5 disc herniation

  • 86% were maximally improved in less than 3 months

Lumbar Sprain/Strain

  • 91% were maximally improved in less than 3 months

Experience this revolutionary treatment for yourself. Experience the next level of chiropractic care

History and research

Cox Technic is an extensively researched and documented, evidence-based spinal decompression and manipulation that provides relief from spinal pain. It is a conservative, practitioner-controlled, non-surgical treatment and ongoing research continues to support its use in the management of acute and chronic spinal conditions as well as failed back surgical syndromes (FBSS).

Over the years, significant USA federal funding has been granted for clinical and biomechanical research of the use of Cox Technic flexion-distraction into the management of back and neck pain compared with other treatment modalities. From this research, clinical outcomes have shown superior pain relief for radiculopathy (sciatica) and greater relief from chronic lower back pain.

Research link 1

Research link 2

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