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Rehabilitation Programs

Progressive Chiropractic Berwick will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program that will best serve your needs by utilising evidence-based treatments.

Rehabilitation Programs

We can customise exercise routines to help with your rehabilitation. Whether it is recovery from surgery, injury or disability, our practitioners will assess your level of function and listen to your goals before tailoring an exercise regimen that will help you achieve optimal results. The following exercises are incorporated in our rehabilitation program and are designed to reduce the risk of re-injury. They include:

  • mobilisation exercises to help increase range of movement, reduce joint stiffness, maintain mobility, assist healing and reduce deconditioning
  • stretching exercises to relax tight muscles
  • strengthening exercises to reduce muscle weakness (which may be a direct result of injury) and improve posture
  • coordination exercises to retrain the muscles to work cohesively again
  • balance exercises to improve stability and increase body awareness
  • aerobic exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness and increase lung function

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