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Progressive Chiropractic Berwick offers a range of services delivered by our experienced and friendly team. To book, click the button below, give us a call, or send us an email.

At Progressive Chiropractic Berwick all of our chiropractors are highly experienced in the diagnosis, assessment and management of musculoskeletal problems

As one of only a handful of clinics in Victoria to provide Cox Technic, Progressive Chiropractic Berwick is proud to be able to offer such a modern, proven and efficacious treatment option for spinal care to its patients

Chiropractic care is beneficial and safe for pregnant women and babies. Find out how you, or your child, can benefit from chiropractic care today

Most athletes are no strangers to injuries obtained during sports. Progressive Chiropractic provides treatment, care, and ongoing management of sports injuries

Help with your rehabilitation goals and get you to where you want to be faster

Myotherapy is an advanced form of remedial massage therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement

Remedial massage therapy is a popular and useful form of complementary management to address problems arising from muscles and other soft tissue injuries

Dry needling is a modern therapy that aims to alleviate muscular pain and target hyperirritable spots in muscles called myofascial trigger points